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Learn all about how to adopt AES70 as well as catch the latest improvements and updates to the standard in the release of AES70-2022. 

For more information on both of these topics, see the ‘AES70 Overview’ and ‘AES70-2022 Update’ presentations below.

AES70 Explorer Software – DeusO GmbH

AES70 Explorer is software designed to connect, expose and control parameters in OCA objects to support hardware engineers developing or integrating AES70 into Pro Audio devices. The software provides a UI builder for fast setup of engineering interfaces and can simultaneously test multiple devices using an array of Pro Audio control widgets via the AES70 Standard. Learn more here.

Smart pi DSP – T&M Media Pty Ltd

The Smart pi DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is the next generation of digital PA processor with massive audio processing ability that can support the smallest to the very largest of systems. The Smart pi DSP is completely modular and future upgradeable via simple firmware updates. It is based on industry standards including Dante and OCA/AES70. All configuration is managed in a simple web interface and can be externally controlled via OCA/AES70. Learn more here.

Resolute Audio AES70 DSP Module – Profusion Ltd

The RA-ES70DSP04 is a professional audio DSP module with built-in open standard AES70 remote control functionality. Learn more here.

OCA AES70-2022 Update Presentation Slides

OCA AES70 Overview Presentation Slides

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