The OCA Alliance takes control with new learning resource center

The OCA Alliance takes control with new learning resource center

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Our mission

The OCA Alliance is a not-for-profit trade association that exists to promote and support the AES70 standard for Open Control Architecture (OCA) as a universal media networking system control standard for professional applications. As part of a larger rebranding exercise, the Alliance inaugurates a new website with better, more easily accessible information and a wealth of new resources for anyone interested in adopting or using AES70 in their projects.

“Our mission is to simplify the lives of AV professionals everywhere by encouraging and facilitating the adoption of AES70 as a universal, standards-based control and monitoring protocol,” says Bosch Communications’ Platform Strategist, Ethan Wetzell – also Marketing Committee Chair for the OCA Alliance. “It’s a complex subject and knowledge levels vary enormously, so our first task was to distil the key messages so that the benefits are immediately clear to all. Then, we direct people to the information and resources they need according to their level of interest and type of application. Our aim is to ensure that the messaging is clear, so that people can find what they need easily, whilst remaining the definitive resource for all things AES70.”

Control for everyone 

Whether you are a manufacturer seeking to learn more about adopting AES70 into your products, an engineer or systems integrator looking to find a better way to control audio systems, or an end user requiring information on control solutions, let us quickly guide you to the information you require. The site offers details about the standard itself, lists of AES70 products, software and even links to the code. There is also a comprehensive tutorials section, where you can find out how AES70 works and its real-world uses.

Adoption of the standard is now easier than ever! The journey is  straightforward, connecting parties directly to the required resources. OCA Alliance membership has also been revised and offers three tiers including a basic Community Membership tier aimed at specifiers and users. This is free to join and offers regular news and updates plus access to more downloads.