DeusO Announces AES70 Explorer Software Application

DeusO Announces AES70 Explorer Software Application

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DeusO GmbH has released a software named AES70 Explorer to support hardware engineers developing or integrating AES70 into Pro Audio devices.

AES70 Explorer is designed to connect, expose and control parameters in OCA objects. The software provides a UI builder for fast setup of engineering interfaces and can simultaneously test multiple devices using an array of Pro Audio control widgets.

AES70 is an open control and monitoring standard for professional audio and video network devices, promoted by the OCA Alliance industry consortium. From a single device and controller, to networks with almost any number of devices and multiple controllers, AES70 provides for powerful, high speed, low cost, robust system control and monitoring of devices from different manufacturers. The standard was recently updated with a raft of enhancements and new features that improve accessibility and usability.

When implementing or integrating a control protocol, having an engineering user interface is a crucial step in the development process. As a leading implementer and developer of AES70 solutions, DeusO recognized this and decided the best contribution to support AES70 adoption was to create a free software tool which provides completely customizable engineering interfaces for hardware engineers, testers and product owners.

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AES70 Explorer discovers devices using mDNS, as well as via manual connections to a device’s IP address. Once connected, the left navigation lists devices, and presents a tree of device objects. Each device object represents an OCA class type, and a control widget is automatically assigned to each object based on this class type.

Adding a widget to the engineering user interfaces is as simple as clicking on the icon next to the specific object. It is possible to view the individual object parameters in the control panel as well as control these directly with the assigned control widget.

DeusO AES70 Explorer image2 The UI Builder offers widget layout formatting for organizing the engineering interface, as well as local storage for saving multiple interfaces which can be recalled as needed. The storage feature is designed to help manage very complex device UIs, by simplifying layouts, and organizing specific testing or monitoring interfaces into collections of control widgets.
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“AES70 Explorer makes the hardware integration process for AES70 demonstrably faster. Internally we use AES70 Explorer to develop and test our own AES70 device integrations, easily finding and fixing issues right away. We think other teams can benefit from this tool for speeding up development, not only for hardware engineers but also for the front-end designers and control interface software engineers,” says Arne Gödeke, co-founder of DeusO.

AES70 Explorer is built on pre-existing software libraries which are available under open source licenses. The free download is available for both Windows 10 or higher and macOS Catalina or higher.

Since 2015, DeusO GmbH specialized as developers of Control Widgets, Web-based User Interfaces and AES70 Control Protocol libraries for professional audio devices and cross-platform applications. For additional information on how AES70 Explorer might benefit adoption of AES70, contact Matt Hardy.

The software is available here: