How OCA and AES70 Work

How OCA and AES70 Work

How OCA and AES70 Work

The AES70 standard forms the technical foundation for Open Control Architecture (OCA). OCA is the next generation of control technologies and products that allow engineers to create true media networking solutions.

OCA can use your existing IP network, can happily coexist with any media transport protocol, can be scaled up or down as needed, and is even available as an open public standard.

DSP Talking
Wall Panel and DSPConnected And Speaking

When you connect a device to an AES70-aware network, it advertises itself. It says it is available to be controlled and also tells other devices what commands it is capable of sending and receiving. No more device drivers… 

An AES70-aware signal processor could connect to a wall control from another manufacturer. No software or control system is needed, just a simple configuration to say what parameters you want the wall control to control.

Radio Mic And Mixer Connected
A radio mic could show its reception status directly on the screen built into the mixer
Close Up Of Mixer
Radio mic displaying status on the mixer

A conventional control system can also take advantage of AES70 and can automatically create controls appropriate to each connected device. Similar devices can be controlled in a standardized way. This eliminates the need for custom code for each and every device and makes it much easier to add or change devices in your system. Designers of control systems can concentrate more on unique features without having to worry about how each device communicates.

Why AES70 is Different:
  • Create controls for each device
  • Similar devices controlled the same way
  • No custom code
  • Easier to change your system