Benefits for specifiers, integrators & users

  • Not tied to any particular control system or user interface.
  • Easy for manufacturers to implement into products you use.
  • Standards-based control, across any media.
  • Confidence in interoperability with other vendors’ products.
  • Works alongside any audio and video networking protocol.
OCA Standards-based Control Benefits image
Typical conference center

Wider choice of products

In interoperable systems, the best in-category products can be chosen without the burden of having to integrate additional proprietary control mechanisms. The result is better systems at lower engineering and/or bill-of-materials costs. For example, a venue has chosen amplifier brand “A” for the paging subsystem, and amplifier brand “B” for the performance room subsystem. AES70 delivers a unified controlled platform eliminating the need to use individual, proprietary software packages. 

System control is easier

Without a common control language, the programming of custom and semi-custom system controllers can be time-consuming and expensive.  Under AES70, integrators do not have to implement different device-specific control languages, and can spend more time where it counts – understanding and satisfying user needs. Using AES70 leads to better software and superior user experiences. 

Easy to implement advanced functions

If a venue uses AES70:

  • The mix operator might use controls or presets on the brand “C” mixing desk to change performance room amplifier gain settings from dinner to concert level.
  • The mix operator might adjust gain of the brand “E” microphone preamplifier in the performance room.
  • Intelligent controllers might be provided to monitor gain structure and equipment health across the entire system.

AES70 paves the way for implementation of advanced automation of systems, up to and including the use of artificial intelligence to make operation easier and to optimize sonic results.