About OCA

About OCA

About OCA

About the OCA Alliance

The OCA Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation formed to promote and support the AES70 standard for Open Control Architecture (OCA) as a media networking system control standard for professional applications. The Alliance’s purposes are to support the development and evolution of the standard and promote adoption of AES70 through marketing, education and training, and to develop new AES70 revisions and related materials that increase the value and usability of AES70 as an interoperability tool for the media systems industry.

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The Alliance welcomes new members. Three levels of membership are available.

Community Membership: for specifiers and users. Get regular updates and access to more downloads and information.

Cost: Free.

Membership: members can participate in and vote on all technical matters and have access to an extensive range of technical resources.

Cost: USD 1,500 per annum. Apply here

Sustaining Membership: sustaining members can participate in and vote on everything including financial and strategic issues. A SDK, reference designs, and other tools are available to sustaining members at a discount.

Cost: USD 10,000 per annum. Apply here

Board of Directors

Bill Scott

Jan Biermann, Head of Research and Development of d&b audiotechnik GmbH in Backnang, Germany.

Jan Biermann

d&b audiotechnik

Simon Jones


Other Leadership

Jeff Berryman

Technical Committee Chair 1

Ethan Wetzell

Marketing Committee Chair 2

Tina Lipscomb


Technical Committee

The Technical Committee develops AES70 specifications and related helpful materials such as recommended-practices documents, and tutorial material. The committee also manages OCA’s technical publications, including the OCA specification, related materials, and example software.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee promotes the specifications of AES70 and supporting information through events, publications, presentations, and other educational activities. Focused on outreach and information, the efforts of this group emphasize awareness and adoption of the AES70 standard throughout the industry.

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