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OCA Alliance

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Who is the OCA Alliance?

The OCA Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation formed to promote and support the AES70 standard for Open Control Architecture (OCA) as a media networking system control standard for professional applications.

The Alliance’s purposes is to support the development and evolution of the standard and promote adoption of AES70 through marketing, education and training, and to develop new AES70 revisions and related materials that increase the value and usability of AES70 as an interoperability tool for the media systems industry.

What is AES70?

AES70 is a freely-available open standard for control and monitoring of networked audio and video devices published January 2014. It is based on the specification of OCA (Open Control Architecture) that was first developed by the OCA Alliance.

Targeted for professional applications, AES70 works from 2 to 10,000 devices – even mission-critical and life-safety use. AES70 works alongside any media transport protocol such as AES67, Dante, RAVENNA, AVB etc., delivering a complete media network platform for digital audio systems of any size.

Learn with us

Whether you are an engineer looking to find a better way to control audio systems or a manufacturer wanting to adopt control into your products, this site is the definitive resource for information on all things AES70.

You can find details about the standard itself, lists of AES70 products, software and even links to the code. A good place to start is the tutorials section, where you can find out how AES70 works and the real world uses and benefits.

Benefits of using AES70 on projects

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Not tied to any particular control system

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Easy for manufacturers to implement into products you use

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Standards-based control, across any media

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Confidence in interoperability with other vendors products

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Works alongside any audio and video networking protocol

Why adopt AES70?

There are two answers to this question:

  • Firstly, an open standards-based control and monitoring protocol delivers assurances for technical continuity, interoperability and freedom to build systems with whatever products are best suited to the application. You’re no longer tied to any particular vendor.
  • The second reason is that it is both easy and cheap to implement in your products. No more costly and time-consuming R&D to develop your own protocol – you can either use an existing hardware design or software implementation or implement your own. It’s straightforward and there is lots of support available. There are no licensing costs and the hardware overhead is minimal.

Standards-based – not tied to any vendor

Rapid development and speed to market

Comprehensive & scalable structure

No licensing costs

Confidence in interoperability with other vendors products

Low hardware overhead

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