Technology FAQ

Is there an SDK?

You do not need a development kit to implement OCA, although having one makes the job easier. The downloadable specification contains all necessary information for building an OCA-compliant device from scratch, if desired.

Do I need to join the Alliance to use OCA?

No Alliance membership is required to use OCA and none ever will be.

Will there be performance testing?

The Alliance does not intend to operate an OCA conformance testing program.

Is there a compliance test available?

The Alliance will distribute at no cost to Full and Associate members a self-test tool that OCA manufacturers can use during product development to verify compliance with basic OCA protocol requirements.

What is OCA Micro?

The OCA MicroDemo is a demonstration product being developed by OCA Alliance members Focusrite, Attero Tech, and Bosch. Its primary purpose is to prove that OCA can run well in lightweight hardware environments. OCA MicroDemo Summary v02

For more detailed answers to these question please see the following PDF:

OCA Availability v01




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