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February 17, 2017

ISE 2017: OCA Alliance Talks About Newest Developments to the AES 70 Control Standard


October 15, 2016

Archwave and Bosch Demonstrate AES67 and AES70 Integrated Platform for Audio, Control and Connection Management

During the 141st Audio Engineering Society convention in Los Angeles, Archwave and Bosch have demonstrated an AES67 and AES70  (OCA) integrated networked platform for audio, control and connection management. Archwave worked together with Bosch and their combined teams to integrate the two existing audio industry standards into a full-fledged solution for audio networking.

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August 10, 2016

AES70/OCA: Full speed ahead?

10 August 2016

AES70/OCA: Full speed ahead?A cluster of new membership announcements for the AES70-supporting Open Control Alliance suggests that – six months on from its publication – the networked audio control standard is beginning to make its mark, writes David Davies

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July 17, 2016

InfoComm 2016: OCA Alliance Explains AES70 Remote Audio Control Over Computer Networks

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July 17, 2016

Video with Wheatstone

Scott Fybush caught up with Jeff Berryman of Bosch/RTS intercom systems about an up and coming standard, AES70, which promises to bring IP interoperability to device control, much as AES67 brought IP interoperability to audio transport.

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June 2, 2016

Radio AoIP 2016 A new eBook from Radio World is now available

“AES67 will change everything for pro audio.”

“No one will be left on a proprietary island.”

“Broadcasters do not build radio stations any longer, they build data centers that play music.”

“A new trend in AoIP will replace the model we’ve got now.”

That’s just a sampling of comments we gathered from users, manufacturers and standards experts for “Radio AoIP 2016,” Radio World’s latest supplement about audio over IP for radio broadcasters, the seventh in a series dating back to 2002.

We asked the experts about implications of AES67 and AES70; about how broadcasters such as iHeartMedia, Cumulus, Townsquare Media, Minnesota Public Radio and RadiOhio are using AoIP technology; how to avoid common issues or problems; and what we can learn from their interesting projects and “problems solved.”

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Produced by the editors of RADIO WORLD.

March 9, 2016

AoIP: Where We Are, Where We’re Headed

New York Yankee Yogi Berra once said, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” Take that quote and apply it to Audio over Internet Protocol in broadcast facilities and other professional venues, and I’d have to say that Yogi would be wrong. The future is actually very bright indeed.

At Axia Audio — and the Telos Alliance at large — we were so convinced of the importance of interoperability between AoIP products that we put significant financial and technical resources into the work that led to the standard — AES67.

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February 26, 2016

How Does AES70 Fit in the Studio? Think MIDI

IP audio network manufacturers have gone all out to develop complete studio environments, some of which include everything from control surfaces and talent stations to button panels and widget GUIs to specialty I/O devices and processors.

These systems are the backbone of the broadcast operation today because they provide complete control and access of networked audio and gear in one seamless environment. By building upon their respective audio network environments, manufacturers have been able to expand on AoIP capabilities and lower the cost of operation in many cases. read more

February 15, 2016

OCA Alliance Promoted Open Control Architecture/AES70 Standard at ISE 2016

February 15, 2016-

The OCA Alliance has successfully promoted the new Open Control Architecture (OCA) AES70 standard  at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016 show in Amsterdam. The association promoted a display of the latest developments and introduced the OCA MicroDemo development platform to other manufacturers and system integrators. PC-based Control Specialist Beckhoff also announced OCA (AES70) integration at ISE 2016. read more



January 12, 2016

The AES Ratifies OCA as the AES70 Standard

The Audio Engineering Society has published the new AES70 audio over IP standard. Additionally, a report on the recently conducted AES67 interoperability Plugfest has been released. AES Standards Manager Mark Yonge explained AES70 “follows on to complement the AES67 audio over IP networking standard we published in 2013. It covers quite comprehensively the control and monitoring of audio devices over a network. read more


September 1, 2015

OCA Alliance MicroDemo, New Products on the Way

By SCN Staff On August 18, 2015

Simon Jones

The Open Control Architecture (OCA) Alliance has developed the OCA MicroDemo, a demonstration product designed to prove that OCA is a common remote control and monitoring language for digital audio networks that can run in lightweight hardware environments.

Developed jointly by OCA member companies Focusrite, Attero Tech, and Bosch, OCA debuted the circuit board at its booth during the 2015 InfoComm exhibition.


“The OCA MicroDemo is a demonstration product being co-developed by OCA Alliance members,” said Simon Jones, technology manager at Focusrite Audio Engineering. “Its primary purpose is to prove that OCA can run well in lightweight hardware environments. At this time, MicroDemo hardware development is complete and software development will be completed later this year.”


Alliance member companies also introduced products featuring OCA functionality at InfoComm15, including the PRS-40M14 OMNEO Interface from Bosch Communications and the four-channel “next generation” 10D and 30D installation amplifiers from d&b audiotechnik.


“With further new OCA enabled products, we are looking forward to transforming part of the OCA vision into reality: the simplified integration of a voice alarm system and an entertainment audio system from multiple manufacturers,” said Marc Weber, marketing group chair at d&b audiotechnik.


June 16, 2015

Alliance promotes new control initiatives at InfoComm : member companies expand the OCA ecosystem with new products

OCA Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA. The OCA Alliance is promoting the vision of common, open standard, real time network control at infoComm15. The alliance’s booth – # 211 – will feature a live demonstration of control and monitoring across networked audio devices from different manufacturers with different transport protocols, including OCA enabled products from Bosch Communications, d&b audiotechik and Focusrite.

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April 8, 2015

OCA Alliance exhibits at prolight+sound

OCA Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA. The OCA Alliance is continuing its promotion of the OCA
message at this year’s prolight+sound exhibition, both on the exhibition floor and in the activities of its
members at the show.

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February 20, 2015

OCA Alliance announces new control standard for audio at ISE

A new open standard, revealed last week at ISE 2015, looks set to make life easier for manufacturers and integrators in the professional audio market. The Open Control Architecture Alliance (OCA) is a group of 14 companies including, Bosch, Harman, Yamaha, TC Group (which includes Tannoy) and d&b audiotechnik. OCA has developed common remote control, monitoring protocol, and a common remote control language that can be used by all manufacturers.“OCA Alliance announces n…o at ISE | Installation”

February 18, 2015

Dante AV Networking World Attracts Record Attendance at ISE

Visitors to this year’s ISE show in Amsterdam were treated to a broad range of educational offerings, however one of hottest topics this year was undoubtedly the continued rise of audio networking technologies – with numerous seminars and presentations conducted on this subject throughout the show. A notable example of this was Audinate’s Dante AV Networking World – an all-day event taking place just before the show opened. – See more at:


November 13, 2014

The Alliance of Science

There is no shortage of pro audio standards, and it’s bewildering in two ways: the forest of acronyms with ever more subtle distinctions; and their tendency to promote discrete standards for the same thing. Lighting&Sound – OCA Feature

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November 6, 2014

Alliance Makes the Case for Open Control Architecture at AES

With the emphasis on networked technologies at this year’s 137th AES Convention in Los Angeles earlier this month, the OCA Alliance made considerable progress in promoting the benefits of its proposed Open Control Architecture (OCA) — both in committee and on the floor of the exhibition. OCA is a standards-based control and monitoring architecture for networked audio devices employing any media transport protocol.  

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August 26, 2014

d&b audiotechnik Deploys Open Control Architecture

The first product to prove the Open Control Architecture (OCA) in the field, the D80 amplifier from d&b audiotechnik, was already at launch in January an innovative product with many features and benefits making it immediately attractive to the d&b user community read more….



November 6, 2012

Audinate becomes OCA Alliance Associate Member

“As a provider of an innovative and widely adopted media networking architecture, Audinate’s participation in The Alliance will be of great benefit for the standard and its adoptees alike,” says OCA Alliance Chairman, Bill Scott. “Audinate has been very supportive of OCA, and we are happy to have taken this support to the next level by adding Audinate as a member.”