Membership Benefits


The Alliance is actively inviting new members. Two levels of membership are available, as follows:

  • Full membership. Full members can participate in and vote on everything, and receive all membership benefits. Cost is USD 10,000 per annum.
  • Associate membership.  Associate members can participate in and vote on all technical matters, and receive all membership benefits. They cannot buy the System Development Kit at the membership reduced price, nor vote on financial or strategic issues, nor run for board or officer positions. Also, they pay attendance fees to participate in face-to-face meetings. Cost is USD 1,500 per annum.
  • Membership Application and OCA Alliance Bylaws available for download.



Full Members

Associate Members

Development Benefits

Access Alliance general information libraries and future training programs.

Access developer information resources.

Share general technical information with other members.

Use Bosch’s OCA self-certification tool at no cost.

Receive discounts on SDK

Receive discounts on reference designs

Receive other tools via the OCA Development Tools Discount Program.

Selling Benefits

Sales networking opportunities.

Big members leverage small members’ products to improve system solutions.

Small members sell into more big-system solutions.

Alliance may be able to help get OCA compliance onto tenders.

Co-promote networking technology with Alliance.

Standardization Benefits

Reduce costs of diversity by using control standard.
Make product and system development easier.  Make field support easier.

Leverage high engineering value of OCA technical work.

Reduce costs of planning and evolution by standardizing.

Alliance Privileges

Participate in working groups.

Attend Alliance face-to-face meetings (additional costs may apply).

Vote on financial matters.

Vote on strategic decisions.

Vote on final approval of standards and recommended practices.

Hold Working Group Chair positions.

Hold Board positions.