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OCA Alliance attracts broadcast sector membership

Three broadcast technology companies across a range of applications, show support for open control standard

OCA Alliance, Bothell, Washington, USA, 31 January 2017. Three leading broadcast technology companies have joined the OCA Alliance, the professional AV industry alliance, promoting awareness and adoption of Open Control Architecture (Audio Engineering Society AES70 standard). The three – AEQ, CB Electronics and The Telos Alliance – are leading broadcast sector technology suppliers across a range of production, automation, storage and control applications.

AEQ is a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of audio communication, automation and production systems for radio and television broadcast, and multimedia applications. Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, with offices in the USA, the company has supplied products, services and solutions to leading broadcast organizations and major broadcast events for 35 years.

Miguel Sancho is the company’s Director of R&D: “When approaching control protocol compatibility in IP enabled equipment, we observed several proprietary solutions; some open to other manufacturers and others exclusive and closed. We also noticed the group of manufacturers concerned about interoperability for the benefit of users, collaborating in the AES working group X210 that eventually published the AES70 common. We participated as observers in AES X210 and, once the results were published as the AES70 standard, presented our application to become an associate member in the OCA Alliance.

“Our aim is to actively participate in the alliance, to contribute in the implementation of AES70, to facilitate the integrated control of audio equipment connected through IP networks in broadcast and other professional applications, and to promote the unified control of equipment from different manufacturers via AES70; and to make possible the unified control of previously released equipment, either by AEQ or third party manufacturers prepared to share information about proprietary control protocols.”

For more than 30 years CB Electronics has designed and manufactured specialist machine and system control interface solutions for the film, video, and TV and radio broadcast industries. Design engineer and MD Colin Broad’s reputation in this sphere is legendary and the company’s products are to found in dubbing theatres and post production facilities around the world.

“CB Electronics has specialized in machine control using the Sony P2 protocol,” explains Broad. ”For some time though we have been looking for a way forward using Ethernet but could not find a unified control protocol. There is AES67 but it does not define a method by which audio streams are discovered, connected or controlled. This year though the AES published the AES70 specification, based on the Open Control Architecture protocol, which can be used to control audio streams and networked audio devices.

As a result of discussions with the OCA Alliance, we felt it important to participate in defining the standard. Subsequently CB has commenced a project to develop applications using AES70. Initially we are adding AES70 to our TMC-1 – to enable control of networked inputs and/or outputs – as the first stage in developing a complete networked monitoring system. Interfacing old and new technologies has been a part of our business model for 25 years, and we will be designing similar solutions for integrating AES70 devices.”

The Telos Alliance is an international organization and world leader in broadcast technology and parent company to Telos, Omnia, Axia, 25-Seven, Linear Acoustic, and Minnetonka. In three decades of developing game-changing technologies and products in radio and television, each of the brands has earned its reputation for specific areas of expertise.

“Leveraging networking technology is strong strategy, which is the very reason we invented Livewire, the first Broadcast AoIP protocol, years ago. We believe so strongly in interoperability, we helped drive AES67’s development both financially and technically,” say Greg Shay, CTO of Telos Alliance. “Axia is always looking ahead toward the facility of the future, when multiple standards will coexist to make broadcaster’s workflows more manageable. We believe OCA (AES70) standard—a modern, well-thought-out design—is key to furthering the use of network technology in broadcast facilities. By joining OCA, we add our weight to the gathering momentum for using this open, vendor-interoperable standard for control and for the future the ‘Facility Over IP’ concept.”

Speaking for the OCA Alliance, chairman of the Marketing Working Group, Marc Weber, said, “The ratification of OCA as AES70 has been a significant influence on traction, both in increasing and widening interest in, and take up of, the standard. We are delighted that these influential broadcast companies will now drive OCA (AES70) with us. This is a significant milestone for the OCA Alliance.”

“OCA (AES70) now offers a promising solution for users of the AES67 audio transport standard, providing uniform connection management,” he continues. “The AES67 standard does not fully specify the rules for making and breaking media stream connections, with the result that not all of today’s AES67 products are readily interoperable. AES70 can solve this problem. On top of which, OCA (AES70) can cooperate with a wide variety of other audio transport types, such as AVB / TSN and Dante.”


Miguel Sancho, AEG Director of R&D



Colin Broad, CB Electronics MD



Greg Shay, CTO of Telos Alliance

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About OCA

OCA (Open Control Architecture) is an open control and monitoring standard for professional audio and AV media network devices. From a single device and controller to networks with almost any number of devices and multiple controllers, OCA provides for powerful, high speed, low cost, robust system control and monitoring of devices from different manufacturers.

OCA can be used in conjunction with any available transport protocol (Dante, AVB, AES67, Cobranet, etc.). Offering interoperability across different media transports and manufacturers’ devices, it enables whole new levels of complex system integration and options as to how and where network devices can be deployed. The architecture operates on commodity Ethernet networking hardware or via standard 802.11 Wi-Fi.

Control functionality allows system professionals to change and monitor all operating parameters of a network device, including the creation and deletion of signal paths, parameter adjustments for signal processing objects, network device firmware updates and management of access control. Control can also be limited to provide simpler ‘operator’ functionality; for instance, providing just level, mute, power on/off and fault indication.

OCA has been ratified as an open public standard by the AES as AES70.

OCA is not itself a media transport, or a means of programming a network device or system control, or generating a user interface. OCA is available free of charge to manufactures, system integrators and designers, to implement with their own and third party network devices, as they require.


About the OCA Alliance

OCA Alliance is a non-profit corporation formed to secure the standardization of the Open Control Architecture (OCA) as a media networking system control standard for professional applications. The OCA Alliance’s purpose is to actively promote the adoption and standardization of Open Control Architecture (OCA) as a media networking system control standard through marketing, education and training, and to develop future standards and other documents, that augment, enhance or extend the primary OCA standard, for the purposes of enabling and promoting increased interoperability and reliability, for a variety of transport standards.

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