Welcome to OCA Alliance!


OCA is an architecture for system control and connection management of media networks.  Now standardized as Audio Engineering Society AES70, OCA is capable of working effectively with all kinds of devices from multiple manufacturers, to provide fully interoperable multivendor networks. 

OCA does not provide media transport, but can be used in conjunction with any available transport protocol (Dante, AVB, AES67, Cobranet,etc.). OCA protocols operate over standard Ethernet or 802.11 Wi-Fi networks. 

OCA is a control protocol standard only, and does not define the programming design or user interfaces of devices or controllers.  

OCA is modular, and may be used successfully in all sizes of devices, from small wall controllers to large audio processors and mixers.  It can be deployed in subsets.  For example, some products may use only OCA’s connection management features, others may use only its audio processing features, while still others may use the entire feature set.

OCA is an open, license-free standard available to anyone – the full AES70 specification is available through the AES standards websiteAlthough the OCA Alliance welcomes new members at any time, Alliance membership is not required to use AES70.”